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Weight-Loss/ Body Sculpting

Immune System Support

Circulation & Cell Regeneration

Pain Relief & Accelerated Healing

Anti-Aging & Skin Rejuvenation

Increased Energy

Relaxation/ Stress Reduction

What are we about?

At Spectrum Wellness Solutions, we care about results. By applying the science and technology of wellness to everyday habits we can promote weight loss, accelerated healing, and enhance the body's ability to increase energy and fight the effects of aging and stress. When the mind, body, and spirit are in balance, all other efforts made to heal, regenerate are maximized to reach their optimal potential.



What do we do?

Our location offers a soothing, relaxing, and spa-like environment that encourages well-being and good mental health, which, when paired with the cutting edge technologies of red light therapy, microcirculation therapy, and electroceuticals, produce outstanding tangible and holistic results for weight loss, and accelerated healing.

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Our Team


Owner &



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Owner & Co-Founder


Darci and Linda are on a mission to expand awareness and accessibility of the new resources and advanced technologies on the market today that bring optimal health, wellness, healing, hope, and positive change to the lives of those seeking to heal or maintain and preserve optimal health. 


In the past, both have experienced severe health challenges that led them to change career paths and ultimately find a parallel passion for health and wellness. They learned that investing in your health can impact not just your current health, but also your future health and the overall quality of the life you live now and in the years to come.

A large part of Darci’s research has focused on weight loss and nutrition, stress and sleep as well as, brain and gut health and their impact on overall health.  Darci found that making both your brain and gut health a priority, can improve the quality of your life in all areas. Struggling with memory loss, brain fog, and other cognitive and emotional issues can increase stress and decrease productivity while implementing easy, brain and gut-healthy habits that can benefit your career, your relationships, and your longevity.

In addition to her strong enthusiasm for optimal health, healing, and wellness, Linda is deeply passionate about small business and women supporting and helping each other to be their best and reach their dreams and goals. To facilitate that, Linda became the founder of the spa-inspired Hera Hub Irvine– a collaborative community, work and wellness space for women, many refer to as the healing hub. She believes the integration of wellness and business is a perfect match, because truly, without good health, women are unable to achieve their maximum potential in business or life overall.


Darci and Linda are extremely passionate about applying the cutting-edge science and technology of wellness to everyday habits that enhance the body's ability to increase energy and fight the effects of aging, stress, toxicity and debilitating illnesses. They have learned that when the brain and body are in balance, all other efforts made to heal, grow, and change have the optimal potential for success.

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