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 Crucial measurements the scale won't tell you.

  • Our InBody is a machine that uses BIA, or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, to perform a one-minute easy, non-invasive assessment of body composition.

  • All of its capabilities are validated to gold-standard, to the extent of it being trusted and regularly used by NASA.

  • It measures the percentages and ratios of fat, muscle, and water in the body with extreme accuracy.

  • It provides a print-out with all of the levels to review and understand so that you can feel empowered knowing the results.

  • It is able to store your information, providing the ability to track progress over time.

  • It recognizes any imbalances in fat to weight ratio and determines the optimal levels based on weight, height, etc.

  • It also recommends calorie intake based on metabolic rate.

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