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Whole Body Vibration Exerciser

  • 10 min. on the platform = 60 min. of traditional exercise!

  • Our Confidence Platform Fitness Trainer is one of the best vibration machines available, as it is a great way to achieve low impact, simple, accelerated exercise with quick results.

  • It aids in weight loss, increased flexibility, and muscle strengthening.

  • It also helps with blood and oxygen circulation, increases metabolism, improves balance and coordination.

  • Use of the Confidence Fitness Trainer increases bone density, combats cellulite, improves muscle suppleness, and reduces stress on joints.

  • Exercises done on the Confidence Fitness Trainer can be done standing, sitting, or even lying down.

  • This machine creates high-frequency vibrations which cause the muscles to contract involuntarily, creating the effects of exercise without any exertion.

  • Considering it does not require intense physical activity in order to reap the benefits, it is perfect for people with low mobility to get their necessary exercise.

  • It is possible to let the machine do all the work—but doing weight-bearing exercises ON the machine intensifies the positive effects that the workout would usually have on the body.

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