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Detox your body. Burn calories.

  • 6 min. = 6 miles of calories burned!

  • Our Health Mate sauna uses Tecoloy™ heating technology or infrared heat therapy.

  • It uses the same beneficial infrared light as the sun does to heat the planet.

  • This technology is key in aiding with detoxification, inflammation, faster metabolism, circulation, natural pain relief, muscle fatigue recovery, and skin regeneration.

  • The Tecoloy™ heaters can penetrate 1.5” to 2” into the skin, providing deep joint and muscle pain relief.

  • Specific areas it is often used for include arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, and other chronic pain and autoimmune conditions.

  • Infrared saunas are a very effective way to eliminate toxins that reside in our bodies due to the foods we eat, pesticides, the plastic objects we use, GMOs, toxic metals, and unfortunately, even the air we breathe.

  • The American Medical Association claims that using a sauna regularly has the same cardiovascular, lymphatic, and immune system benefits as running.

  • It also releases endorphins and reduces blood pressure, similar to exercising.

  • Studies have shown that using an infrared sauna just once can drop levels of pain by nearly 70%.


A half sauna that will give you a full-body infrared benefit.

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