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Achieve deep relaxation with sound and light.

  • The PSiO glasses are great for anyone who suffers from sleep disorders, lack of energy, or even depression.

  • They offer different programs that have varied rhythms, colors, and relaxing audio messages that are meant for certain times of the day.

  • The glasses are designed to be used whenever, wherever, for relaxation and recovery.

  • Different types of sessions allow for different types of healing. Morning Sessions, with positive visions, allow you to wake up more efficiently with adequate light and start the day in good shape thanks to positive visualization experienced with your PSiO. Afternoon Sessions, with music, are Power Nap programs that allow you to have a very short and efficient recovery break in music while stimulating the mind, with a result of feeling highly energized. Evening sessions, with pulsed colors associated with relaxing voices and music, help you stop the incessant flow of thoughts and naturally put your mind at rest. This is the ideal alternative to sleeping pills.

  • ​Different light modes also help with certain things, for example, the “Pulsed Light” mode works as a quick distraction to help shut off the brain’s usual chatter. The “Continuous Light” mode is frequently used to fight against SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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